Bagged Mulch

Bagged Mulch

Every home in your community purchases mulch for their yard. Sell them what they need and raise money at the same time.

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What’s offered:

Bagged mulch for everyone’s annual landscape maintenance in a variety of colors as well as natural hardwood.

The most popular types of mulch you will want to offer are double shredded hardwood, color enhanced black, color enhanced brown and color enhanced red. After speaking to a local supplier, you will want to determine whether you will offer delivery to your supporter’s home with your volunteers or if you will ask that your supporters pick up their bagged mulch from a location determined by you. If you have a good volunteer network, you will be able to generate additional profit by offering delivery and / or installation services. Typical delivery charges are $0.50 per bag and installation charges add another $1.00 per bag. All services performed by your volunteers are pure profit. Be sure to establish your minimum quantities for these services at the beginning of your fundraiser. You should anticipate making 25% to 35% margins on the actual mulch bag sales with additional services performed by your volunteers dramatically increasing these margins.


Select this fundraising template, collect specific product images and descriptions from your supplier and then customize your message as to why you are raising money. If you would like to track your progress by sub-groups like grade level or JV and Varsity for example, you can easily do this during your set-up. Your members / players will then select their particular group when registering and you’re ready to start.

Customize your Fundraising Webpage

This template will require that you update the product images, descriptions and pricing so they are indicative of what your supplier will be delivering to you. We also encourage you to customize your fundraising webpage with photos, a message to supporters and more. This site allows your supporters to conveniently select their desired mulch type and quantity, then purchase from your fundraising webpage or make a donation online and avoid managing cash and checks.

Promoting your Fundraiser

TeamWorks provides all of the tools needed to run a highly effective fundraiser. Your members / players can share your custom webpage using our built-in integrations to Facebook, email, and more. All monies raised from each purchase on your fundraising webpage will be attributed to the appropriate person and group.

Offer Prizes or Awards

Offering prizes or awards is easy with TeamWorks because we track all sales and profit to the participating member / player.

Selecting a Supplier

You may already have a supplier that you’ve worked with in previous years. If not, contact a number of local qualified mulch suppliers and make a list of their products and pricing structure. Remember, the retail price that your supporters will be paying is as important as the amount of profit you will make from each purchase. Be sure to pay attention to the cubic foot per bag they are selling you (3 cuft. or 2 cuft.). You will also want to pay close attention to their required minimums and any potential delivery charges relating to your final bulk order. Consider three to five different mulch types / colors and be sure they are the more popular in your community. Give us a call if you need help with any of this.


Fundraising with Mulch is a great way to offer your supporters a product they are already planning to purchase and they will also be inspired to refer their friends and neighbors in the community to support your fundraiser. The TeamWorks solution allows you to monitor progress as an organization and for individual participants. Offer incentives for fundraising performance and use TeamWorks to help you track their performance against their goals. We will be sending you periodic emails to offer advice and our Fundraising Coaches are always ready to help you with any questions that you have.

The prices displayed below are prices considered to be industry standard. Please check with your local supplier to confirm cost and retail price in your area. All pricing and descriptions are editable.
Item Retail Your Profit
Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch - 3 cuft bags more $4.00 $1.12
Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch - 2 cuft bags more $3.50 $1.08
Color Enhanced Black Mulch 2 cubic foot more $3.75 $0.80
Color Enhanced Brown Mulch 2 cubic foot more $3.75 $0.80
Color Enhance Red Mulch 2 cubic foot more $3.75 $0.80

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We run our Mulch Madness fundraiser every spring and have great results. We actually have supporters in the community that contact us each year anxiously awaiting the start of our fundraiser. A great product to sell and make money for our lacrosse team.
Coach Philips, Stallion Boys Lacrosse

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